Benefit from Softing

As a reliable partner with long-term customer relationships, Softing combines continuity with ongoing development. In close collaboration with our customers, we create premium technological solutions for the efficient exchange of data and reliable provision of information – key prerequisites for optimizing technical equipment and value chains.

Softing bridges the gap between flexibility and standardization by creating customized solutions, sometimes on the basis of sophisticated standard products. The support we offer extends beyond installation and only ends when the product is doing its job for the customer.

Creative flexibility and a fascination with technology drive us to expand the boundaries of technological possibilities and turn them into progress.

We consistently transform ideas into state-of-the-art, powerful and cost-efficient solutions.

Our customers benefit from the exceptional technical properties of our products, Softing’s engineering intelligence and a range of services provided by experienced and highly qualified experts. These experts personally address detailed questions and speak the customer’s language in more than just professional terms – because our commitment to service and loyalty is part and parcel of every partnership.



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