Softing Automotive is a strategic partner to international vehicle manufacturers as well as system and ECU providers, with over 30 years of experience handling key technologies in automotive electronics and other closely related electronics areas (such as the commercial vehicle and agricultural machinery sectors). Electronic components and software already account for around 40 percent of the added value generated in automobile manufacturing. Topics such as “autonomous driving” and the “connected car” will cause this share to grow even more. As a result, diagnostics for complex electronic networks, involving access to electronic control units (offboard communication), and the analysis of data traffic between these control units in the vehicle (onboard communication) are becoming increasingly important.

Our perfectly tailored solutions enable customers to evaluate the functionality of electronic vehicle components, thus helping to ensure their quality and optimize costs.

Our services in the fields of measurement, testing and diagnostics, along with the data communication associated with these core competencies, cover the entire lifecycle of electronic control units and whole systems, from development, through production, to servicing.

Our portfolio includes integrated software and hardware products which can be adapted to specific customer needs as well as individual on-site consulting and engineering.

We consistently follow recognized international technology standards to ensure extensive interoperability and protect our customers’ investments. As an active member of the leading standardization committees in automotive electronics, such as ASAM and ISO, we are shaping the technological future and offering our customers the fastest implementation of the latest extensions and innovations.

The competencies of Softing Automotive are complemented by the Industrial business unit’s expertise in networking industrial worlds and the IT cabling measurement technology expertise of the IT Networks business unit.

Softing Industrial is the expert for implementing and improving digital exchange processes in industrial applications – on the field level and between production and IT.

In this dawning age of Industry 4.0 and the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT), efficient and reliable digital communication is the prerequisite for the integrated production of the future, which will involve networked systems across different sites and a continual need to optimize equipment and production processes.

Based on our expertise with customer-specific solutions and the development of standard platforms, we have positioned ourselves as a product leader for the integration of devices, controls, machines and networks in higher-level systems.

Softing Industrial is a strategic partner to the industrial automation sector, with more than 35 years of experience in the areas of fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet. With our comprehensive technological knowledge and deep understanding of technical production requirements, we understand the needs of our industrial customers and speak their language.

Softing Industrial develops and markets a wide range of software and hardware products for a variety of applications in every industry, from technology and data integration, through communication and infrastructure components, to network monitoring and diagnostics.

All of our products comply with global standards and can be seamlessly integrated into technologically heterogeneous systems. We therefore close technological gaps and give our customers the space they need to design their integrated automation systems.

The competencies of Softing Industrial are complemented by Softing Automotive’s expertise in evaluating the functionality of electronic vehicle components and the IT cabling measurement technology expertise of the IT Networks business unit.

Softing IT Networks specializes in measurement equipment for qualifying, certifying and documenting the performance of cabling in IT systems.

With the rapidly growing and all-encompassing networking of people, things and services (Internet of Everything/IoE), powerful and reliable IT networks will become the backbone of our modern world. But even today, the capabilities and success of modern companies depend heavily on the quality of their IT networks!

The failure of this communication infrastructure often leads to data losses and is almost always very costly.

This is why it is so important to prevent unplanned network outages. To make this possible and ensure a rapid response in the event of network faults, installers, system integrators and network operators need access to powerful, professional measurement equipment.

We provide testing, qualification and certification instruments for copper and fiber-optic IT cabling based on global technological standards.

Whether it is used for telecommunications, databases, mainframes or plant engineering in the field of industrial automation, the professional measurement equipment from Softing IT Networks will help you optimize the performance of your data communication through faster, more secure connections over the entire lifecycle of your network.

Our measurement equipment makes it possible to ensure the physical efficiency and high quality of communication between network components.

The competencies of Softing IT Networks are complemented by the Industrial business unit’s expertise in networking industrial worlds and Softing Automotive’s expertise in evaluating the functionality of electronic vehicle components.



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